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Great minds think a-bike: 6 tips from MATE’s $4.6M crowdfunding success

Guest post written by Julie Kronstrøm Carton and Christian Adel Michael. Siblings and founding partners of MATE, a cool eBike designed for a young urban lifestyle. It took a lot of work to make MATE one of Indiegogo’s biggest success stories last year. Our campaign raised over $3.4 million, plus an additional $1.2 million with … read more

In the World This Week: Augmented Reality Laser Tag and Flow Hive Turns 1

It’s never a quiet week at Indiegogo HQ, but we didn’t win an award this week like we did last week. This week we’re going to focus on some pretty impressive campaigns, both new and old. Tech News Father.io is not an app that helps you confess your sins. It actually turns your phone into a laser gun for an … read more

Sondors THIN Electric Bike: The First 72 Hours

In the past few years, electric vehicles have become more and more accessible, which is an amazing step toward reducing our carbon footprints on our beautiful earth. One key player in the electric bike world is Sondors, who raised over $6 million to fund the production of its all-terrain eBike. Now, the team is back … read more