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$1.2M in 30 days, what Roccbox learned from this success

In March, we wrote about how our community was going bananas over the Roccbox portable pizza oven. In the first 72 hours of their campaign, they raised more than $400k, averaging about $100 per minute. Their campaign wrapped up 30 days later, bringing in over $1.2M in funds. This week, we sat down with one … read more

Personal Translators for Everyone, Solving the Theory of Everything and More Hot Stories This Week

Last week we announced our next big partnership: we’re working with Arrow to help our entrepreneurs move beyond funding and into market by giving qualifying campaigns access to design tools, engineering experts, prototype services, manufacturing support and even supply chain management – which can be worth up to $500,000. As described by TechCrunch, the “top-tier package” will help Indiegogo … read more

Introducing the $250,000 Triscuit Maker Fund

Thousands of artisanal food makers have launched their culinary projects on Indiegogo, such as Good Spread Peanut Butter, a fortified food to fight malnutrition, Moringa Green Energy Shots, an organic superfood that empowers farmers in Haiti and LocoL, a revolutionary fast food concept. We’ve always been driven to support culinary experts and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. So … read more

5 Things to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Food Crowdfunding Campaign

This guest post was written by Lisa Curtis, Founder & CEO of Kuli Kuli: the first company to introduce moringa food products to the US market. Moringa is a leafy green that is more nutrient-dense than kale and provides a complete plant-based protein like quinoa.  We all agree that we couldn’t survive without food. And yet … read more