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4 Ways to Find Out If Your Idea is the Next Great Product

You have a great idea to share, and you want to start building a product to solve a big problem. Right on! Before you jump in and pour a lot of resources into making it happen – make sure you take a really important step: validate your idea first. Validating an idea is essentially testing … read more

Four Fundamentals of Fundraising

Image courtesy Flickr user Surat Lozowick. Crowdfunding may be a new way to raise money, but people have been fundraising forever. Let's take a look at some of the basics of fundraising and how they might apply to running your campaign. Create a relationship with your contributors. First, give your potential contributors something. Don't make … read more

9 Ways to Jumpstart Your Stalled Campaign

  So you were pretty fast out of the gate: your campaign was strong, donations were rolling in. People were responding to your Facebook posts and email requests. And then suddenly… poof! It feels like the well dried up and you're only halfway to your goal. Well don't worry. There's still time to put a … read more

10 Ways to Promote Your Indiegogo Project OFF-Line

Last week we examined ten ways you can harness the power of the Internet to get the word out about your Indiegogo project (and hopefully secure some additional funding in the process). This week let’s snap our laptops shut for a few minutes and look at some additional ways of raising awareness for your Indiegogo project in … read more