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Arrow Flash Funding Strikes Again With $50,000 To These Design Gurus

Indiegogo and Arrow will be choosing two more flash funding recipients in the month of October. Sign up now to join campaigners like Brad Holland of Kordbot in winning game-changing funds, engineering resources and tools, discounts, and personal guidance from experts. This week, we are excited to announce that Kurt Swanson, Don Pancoe and the … read more

The 4 Best Ways to Fund Your Startup

You are working hard to build a business and bring a product into the world. And now, you need to find the best way to take your product to the next level and usually that involves funding. Funding can be an intimidating or daunting experience. So we’ve put together 4 proven ways to get a … read more

Indiegogo Insight: Half of Repeat Funders Contribute to the Same Campaign Again Within 2 Weeks

Half of funders who contribute more than once to the same campaign do it within 2 weeks. 62% of campaigns reaching their goal have repeat contributors. The key to their success is dedication to their contributors- thanking them and keeping them engaged immediately after they contribute. One of the reasons people contribute to your campaign is to … read more