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Arrow’s $75,000 Will Pivot This Product Into A Business

Indiegogo and Arrow will be choosing one more flash funding recipient in the month of October. Sign up now to join campaigners like Brad Holland of Kordbot and the Noria team in winning game-changing funds, engineering resources and tools, discounts, and personal guidance from experts. This week, we are excited to announce that Andy Karuza … read more

IndieGoGo Team: Campaign Round Up!

Eric/Founder & CTOTECHNOLOGY –  XStylus Touch for the iPadGreat example of inventor and maker projects which are normally high in funding. These campaigns tend to go viral very quickly making it important amidst the early adopter crowd.  Kate/Customer HappinessMUSIC – Beat Jazz SystemThis guy has invented a new kind of handheld electronic musical instrument.  It's … read more