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New payment options allow for easier contributions

We’re excited to announce that we’re introducing new payments options for the Indiegogo platform, making it easier for backers to give you the support you need. We’ve partnered with credit card vendor Stripe since 2015 for campaigns raising funds in USD. In early 2017, we began rolling out Stripe payments to additional customers raising funds … read more

Indiegogo Now Supports Credit Cards for Fixed Funding Campaigns

Starting today, backers can use credit cards to contribute to fixed funding campaigns. We know easy and secure payments are important to backers and entrepreneurs alike. By using a credit card, as opposed to Paypal, it’s easier for backers to contribute to a fixed funding campaign on desktop, tablet, or mobile. Fixed Funding and Apple … read more

Indiegogo Insight: Offering Both Credit Card and Paypal Boosts Contributions 28%

On Indiegogo, flexible funding campaigns can offer two different payment types: credit card or PayPal. Campaigns that offer both credit card and PayPal see a 28% increase in their number of contributions as opposed to campaigns that only offer one option.  Every campaign is different, and there may be a reason that offering only one payment … read more