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Fast-Forward to Your Film’s Premiere With These Tips

As a filmmaker, you’ve probably dreamed about your film’s debut for a long time. Only, recently did you start fantasizing about the funding to make it a reality. We won’t lie: Fundraising for a film is hard work, but it’s easier than you might fear. You’ve probably heard of the many successful indie directors who … read more

Pitching Your Passion: How to Make An Amazing Crowdfunding Video

As you put your crowdfunding campaign together, you’ve probably been wondering about what you need to make a great video. All well-made campaign videos — from the small projects to the great big whales — have one thing in common: they all tell a powerful story. And we want to help you tell a story … read more

10 Amazing Crowdfunding Pitch Videos 2015

Did you know that crowdfunding campaigns with pitch videos raise four times more funds than those without? A great video can not only encourage people to contribute, but serve as spreadable content that is easy for your backers to share far and wide. We recommend keeping pitch videos under 3 minutes long and making the … read more