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5 Ways to Use Indiegogo Beyond Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is more than just about money. Sure, we want you to raise funds for your idea, passion, invention or business but we want you to be aware of the countless other ways the Indiegogo community can support your efforts to take over the world. Here are five ways to use Indiegogo beyond just fundraising: … read more

Campaign Round Up: Socks for Cancer & How to Knit

Bosco/Senior Software Engineer The Brony Project Location: New Hampshire, USA Love it because of the pure wackiness, learning a new word (brony), and that they pivoted to providing money to a charity.   Crista/Executive Assistant Help Launch the Declassified Location: New York, USA These graduates of Carnegie Hall’s Academy have successfully raise enough for their … read more

Indiegogo Insight: Nearly 40% of Active Campaigns Receive Money From Multiple Countries

Fact: With campaigns in and contributions from over 200 countries, Indiegogo is a global funding platform. Among all active campaigns, 39% receive money from multiple countries. Average contribution amount across Indiegogo is $74. People from ten countries have an average contribution amount that exceeds that! What does this mean for you as a campaign owner? Offer … read more

Campaign Round Up: South African Penguins & Jane’s Beer Store

Bosco/Senior Software Engineer Connie Sheu: Original Music for Guitar by Female Composers Location: Love it because of personal appeal: I used to take classical guitar lessons. Danae/Founder & COO Kat Cooks Around the World Location: Colorado, USA I can’t wait what yumminess Kat discovers across the world.  Plus, I love this campaign because our awesome … read more

Campaign Round Up: A Culinary Tour of the American South & Storytelling Through 94 Elements

  Danae/Founder & COO SuperCook Location: Pittsburgh, USA Technology for good.  That sounds delicious to me!           Erin/Business Development Affairs Mind Over Matter Location: Chicago, USA Twelve students at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy (Robert DeNiro’s film school, located in Chicago) are raising money to bring their friend and classmate Evan’s story to … read more