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Introducing the Indiegogo App for Android

Read in: Español | Français | Deutsch We’re so happy to announce our Indiegogo App for Android™, available today in the Google Play Store. The Indiegogo App for Android lets anyone discover new campaigns or keep track of their favorites— anytime, anywhere, on the go. Get it now Our new Indiegogo App for Android allows … read more

Indiegogo: The Only Crowdfunding Platform with Apple Pay™

We’re so excited to announce our immediate integration of Apple Pay™, the new single-touch iPhone payment system. Indiegogo is the only online funding platform selected to offer the transformative mobile payment technology. We’re always looking for ways to help people find and fund what matters to them—in the simplest way possible. As the only crowdfunding … read more

Owning your Campaign: Part 2 – Your Pitch Video

I’m Melissa and I’m an IndieGoGo campaign owner here on the blog to write a series of posts about my first crowdfunding experience.  This includes everything that I do, questions that arise and areas I wasn’t expecting, from pre-launch preparation to what happens after my campaign is over. My case is a special case because … read more

IndieGoGo Ideas Lab: Lead with ‘Why’ and Not ‘What’

Author, Simon Sinek is best known for developing ‘The Golden Circle’, a method of thinking he believes is adopted by the world’s most inspiring leaders including Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King and the Wright Brothers.  This video called ‘How great leaders inspire action’ is the 19th most viewed video on Ted and presents his philosophy … read more