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Indiegogo Insight: Campaigns That Take These Six Actions Raise 8 Times More Money Than Campaigns That Don’t

Campaigns that take those six actions raise 8 times more money than campaigns that don’t. What do these six actions have in common? They show that you are committed to your campaign and are investing time and effort to ensure it succeeds! Here is some advice on how to approach taking these six actions: Have … read more

Indiegogo Insight: Campaigns Reaching Their Goal Have an Average Deadline of 47 Days.

Campaigns that reach their goal, on average, set their deadline to be 47 days.  64% of campaigns reach their goal before that deadline. On average their goal is reached on the 36th day of their campaign–11 days before their deadline.  In contrast, average deadline for all campaigns raising money is 56 days. Having a shorter campaign … read more

Indiegogo Insight: 70% of Indiegogo Campaigns Reaching Their Funding Goal Set Their Deadline for Less Than 60 Days

70% of Indiegogo campaigns reaching their funding goal set their deadline for less than 60 days.   Intuitively, it may seem that providing more time for your campaign will allow you to raise more funds, but our data indicates that campaigns which run for shorter periods of time, have more success.  Additionally, 64% of campaigns … read more

Indiegogo Insight: More Time Doesn’t Always Mean More Money

On Indiegogo, the campaigns that set a funding deadline between 60 and 70 days raise, on average, 141% more money than their shorter or longer campaign counterparts. Many people believe that more time will result in more money. This may not be the case. Optimal campaign duration is just after the two month mark, followed … read more