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5 of the Coolest New Board Games to Play This Weekend

Bored? Why not try a new board game! Whether you’re planning family night or an evening with friends, we found the newest, most innovative ways to take your game-playing skills up a notch (or five) — check them out: Have friends in far away places? Challenge them to a game of chess with Square Off … read more

Hasbro and Indiegogo Are Looking For The Next Great Family Game

After calling on the Indiegogo community, game designers across the world have submitted their tabletop concepts in the last year, with some moving from concept to market in partnership with Hasbro. Today, Hasbro has announced their third challenge in the hopes of finding the next great game that would appeal to anyone who enjoys playing … read more

Hasbro Finds The Next Great Game on Indiegogo

Four months ago, we announced our collaboration with gaming giant Hasbro to find the Next Great Game. Hasbro, a leader in gaming and behind many classics like Scrabble, Monopoly and Battleship, took to the crowd and Indiegogo to find a fresh, innovative game idea to turn into the next great face-to-face party game. Today, we’re … read more

Indiegogo and Hasbro are Searching for the Next Great Game

We’re excited to announce our latest collaboration with Hasbro, a leader in gaming and one of the world’s largest gaming companies and behind many of your favorite games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, The Game of Life and Battleship. But beyond the classics, Hasbro is also focused on discovering and developing new games and believes that fresh, innovative … read more