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Campaigner Insight: The Tao of Crowd-Funding by John T. Trigonis

"The spirit of your pitch, your perks, and your promotion should be YOU"  — John T. Trigonis Over a year ago, filmmaker John T. Trigonis ran a successful IndieGoGo campaign for his short film Cerise. His success lead IndieGoGo to invite Trigonis to speak at various conferences and events in the New York City area … read more

Creating a Weekly Routine for Your Campaign

Creating a campaign on IndieGoGo isn't just about posting something, asking for contributions once, then watching them slowly roll in until you meet your goal. Running a campaign takes dedication and consistent maintenance. Designing a weekly schedule or routine around your IndieGoGo campaign can help keep you on track to reach your crowdfunding goal. Cerise, one … read more

Run a Smart Social Media Campaign: Lessons from CERISE

A while ago we talked about ways in which project owners can use social media to spread the word about their IndieGoGo campaign. Today we thought we'd take a look at a specific project that did a bang-up job of using social media: Cerise. The filmmakers on Cerise were able to raise $6,300 — that's … read more