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Entrepreneurs Embracing Social Innovation and Other Newsworthy Stories

Tech Ring ring ring…. BANANA PHONE, BANANA PHONE! It’s a real thing! Of course now it’s bluetooth-enabled and can directly contact Siri. No longer will you confuse your food for a phone. I know, I know, that statement was totally bananas. A portion of their sales sales goes directly to Gearing Up 4 Gorillas, to help … read more

Team Indiegogo Campaign Roundup (6.16.14)

We here at Indiegogo HQ spend a *lot* of time looking at campaigns – it’s great! Here are a handful we’re excited about this week. Which one is your favorite?   Weed the People New York, NY “Hmm…never thought I’d mention Ricki Lake, weed and babies in the same conversation! This new documentary takes an … read more

Team Indiegogo Campaign Roundup (6.9.14)

Each week, Indiegogo HQ highlights some of the campaigns we’re most excited about. Here’s what has us talking today!   COWL GIRL Chicago, IL “If you like comedy, fan girls, or Pee Wee Herman then this indie TV pilot was made for you! I’m glad to see anyone embrace their inner pop culture junkie and … read more

Year in Review Part I: IndieGoGo’s Best of 2011

With the new year on the horizon, its time to celebrate the year gone past by sharing some of the best and brightest campaigns on IndieGoGo. These are campaigns that have knocked it out of the park with their GoGoFactor, fundraising goals, or overall idea and execution.  For the next three days, we’ll be sharing … read more