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Wondering How to Raise More On Giving Tuesday? Learn From These Nonprofits

Fundraising isn’t like it used to be. The next generation of donors operate very differently from their predecessors. Nearly 84 percent of millennials donate online where information, services, and even social impact are available on-demand. If you’re looking to join the trend of nonprofits finding alternative ways to fundraise on Giving Tuesday, you are not … read more

Go Time Podcast: Bennett’s New Album & #GivingTuesday

It’s Go Time! December was an exciting time for Indiegogo and Generosity, with #GivingTuesday 2015 being our most successful to date and the chance to chat with Grand Rapids, MI-based rock band Bennett. This month, co-host Bret Harris, Director of Business Development, sits down with our resident experts in social innovation and music to get … read more

In the World This Week: Dapper Clothes for Short Guys & Beer for Good

It’s been a while! We are truly hurtling towards the holidays at a terrifying speed, right past Cyber Monday and #GivingTuesday. Even Indiegogo has embraced the annual day of discounts, and our campaigners made some very generous discounts on products that are shipping now. And on #GivingTuesday, we saw the global community come together right on Generosity, donating … read more