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What’s New in 2011 – Partnerships

We are about 3 weeks in and already its been a great start to 2011. And now, we are introducing a new feature on IndieGoGo – Partner Pages! We have some pretty amazing partner organizations that we have been working with for a while, and now we have made it easier to showcase their campaigns … read more

IndieGoGo Insight: Campaigns that send 11 or more updates, raise 137% more money.

This Insight has Been Updated: Click Here to See Updated Post On average, the campaigns on IndieGoGo that send 11 or more updates to their contributors, raise 137% more money then projects that don't. This results in over $1000 more money towards their funding goal.   Most funding campaigns are centered around an ongoing project … read more

Indiegogo Insight: More Time Doesn’t Always Mean More Money

On Indiegogo, the campaigns that set a funding deadline between 60 and 70 days raise, on average, 141% more money than their shorter or longer campaign counterparts. Many people believe that more time will result in more money. This may not be the case. Optimal campaign duration is just after the two month mark, followed … read more