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August Arrivals: 9 Crowdfunded Products Shipping This Month

Contributing to a campaign on Indiegogo is much more than a simple transaction. It’s a pledge of support and the beginning of an exciting journey. Never before have consumers been able to see behind the scenes into the entrepreneurial journey. Everyday on Indiegogo, thousands of people come together to bring innovative ideas to life. While … read more

The Freight Essentials: Getting Your Products Across The Ocean

Design, Check. Funding? Nailed it. Prototype? Yup. Importing? Oh, ship. For entrepreneurs, importing can be a frustrating nightmare of bureaucracy and cryptic acronyms. And pirates. Don’t forget the pirates. But fear not, intrepid importer. We’re going to get through this together. Sit back as we walk you through what it takes to get your goods … read more

Resource Guide: A Company to Support Your Idea at Every Stage

As an entrepreneur, there are many steps between brainstorming your big idea and launching it into the real world. We at Indiegogo want to help you with every single stage of the business lifecycle—before and after crowdfunding. That’s why we’ve partnered with experienced companies to give our campaigners a leg up in the big, scary … read more

New and Improved: Shipping Perks

Indiegogo is a truly global platform – every week we distribute funds to campaigners in 70-100 countries. Campaigners can easily connect with contributors on the other side of the globe, which presents unique challenges for campaigners – one of which is collecting payments to ship their perks around the world. We’re introducing a new shipping … read more