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IndieGoGo Team: Campaign Round Up!

  Danae/Founder & COODESIGN – Lovecraftian Letters Talk about niche.  Magnetic fridge word series product using the poetry of Howard Phillip Lovecraft – the radical 20th century master of weird fiction, who died in 1937. Eric/Founder & CTOSMALL BUSINESS – La Casa Azul BookstoreThis was sent to me by my mom who's a librarian.  A business woman … read more


Hey Creatives!  Do you have experience with crowdfunding or social media campaign development? Are you interested in using your skills to give back in a meaningful way? Give what you're good at by signing up for a Crowdfunding project through Catchafire! Our organization provides creative professionals like yourselves with opportunities to work on causes you are passionate about. IndieGoGo and … read more