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The makers behind Solar Roadways discuss the future of clean energy

Julie and Scott Brusaw, a couple from Sandpoint, Idaho, launched an Indiegogo campaign to bring their invention of Solar Roadways, pavement that generates power, to the public. They not only doubled their goal of $1 million, but also galvanized a global community of enthusiasts and even received an invitation to attend the White House Maker … read more

Top Tech Trends of the Week From Security Locks to Solar Roadways

  Our CEO, Dave Mandelbrot spoke with PC Mag, where he said that “the most important thing for an entrepreneur to know is that they won’t be doing it alone.” You can substitute “entrepreneur” with “human,” but it really is true. Which means that it’s good that we’re not only trying to make ourselves the … read more

Tracking Your Stress, Running from Zombies and More Hot Stories

Happy Pride month! Our mixer at Indiegogo HQ in San Francisco last week was amazing thanks to the hardworking team that put it together, and all of the other Indiegogo employees that attended. The Post-It rainbow that we created even got picked up by the press. Co-founder Danae Ringelmann’s shared in an interview with CNBC how to “turn … read more