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Bold thinkers and daring inventors show off the coolest new products at CES 2017

Thank you to everyone who joined us at CES 2017, we hope you had as much fun as we did! Each year, it gets bigger and bigger, thanks to the bold and daring entrepreneurs like you. We spent five days navigating the CES floor to speak with thought leaders, successful entrepreneurs, creative partners and tech-gadget … read more

Airtame: Turning post-crowdfunding challenges into victories

At Airtame, we have been on an amazing journey for the last two years. It began with us running the highest funded European crowdfunding campaign of its time on Indiegogo.   What Airtame offers is a wireless HDMI dongle for businesses. When plugged into an HDMI port, it enables you to wirelessly stream content from your computer … read more

5 Ways to Redirect Funding Shortfall

Here at IndieGoGo, we want all of you to reach — even exceed — your campaign funding goals so that you can reach your real goals: finishing the projects you set out to do. But we know that, from time to time, projects don't reach their funding goals. If this happens to you we want … read more