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Women in Crowdfunding, Saving the Arts and More News

Yet another study has come out about women having a 32% higher success rate than men when it comes to crowdfunding. Turns out that when bias is removed from the funding equation, people contribute to the most inclusive and positive language, which is usually written by women. This article also makes an interesting point that people often … read more

Women Who Build Cool Stuff Give Crowdfunding Tips

What do the folks behind the Kinsa Smart Thermometer, the ACTON BLINK eBoards, the PowerUp MacBook charger and the Arden Cove Theft-Proof Crossbody Bag have in common? They’re all savvy, capable entrepreneurs that have run successful crowdfunding campaigns. They also happen to be women! Kate Drane, our Senior Director of Outreach, sat down with these … read more

In the World This Week: Women in Crowdfunding & Bionic-ing Your Injuries

Interesting news in the world of crowdfunding: campaign pages created by women are more successful than those created by men. Women usually use language that is not only positive, but also inclusive. When potential backers read it, it makes them feel that they are really part of the project, and just plain happy. If you … read more