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Campaign Round Up: Smartphones for Your Inner Nerd & A Film for Water Literacy

Erica/Director of Marketing Arusha Arts Initiative Location: New York, USA I have a great passion for arts and Arusha so this campaign naturally caught my eye. I can’t think of a better way to connect students in the US with students overseas. Erin/Business Development Konteh School of Music Location: Gambia This project combines so many … read more

Indiegogo Insight: Average Contribution Amount Through Email is Higher Than Other Referral Sources

Contributions made in response to a direct email are 34% higher than contributions made in response to other forms of outreach. The average contribution amount in response to a direct email is $90 where as the average contribution in response to other forms of outreach (i.e. facebook post) is $67.  Although social media use is pervasive, … read more

INTERVIEW: Cathy Pearson from “Get The Picture?”

Modern day legends have the misfortune of becoming lost amidst the noise of chewing gum celebrities and the ‘bright young things’ packaged and sold everyday.  Yet through the medium of film, real stories, about true legends are able to punctuate and define the meaning of what a legacy is, and how it can impact a … read more

5 Indiegogo Fashion Campaigns: Solar Backpacks & Ethical Nail Polish

Fashion often gets a bad rap – skinny models sashay down runways forming aspirations often unattainable for the average individual.  Who doesn’t want to look good?  Here are 5 Indegogo campaigns currently fundraising to infuse change in their industry: SOLZ Solar Bag Location: San Francisco USA Built with three 1.5 watt solar panels, this backpack … read more

INTERVIEW: Steven Pile of Konteh Kunda School of Music, Gambia

Have you ever been inspired? Inspired enough to make a big change in the world? Even if that change required you to travel half way around the world and raise 10s of thousands of dollars? Today, we speak with Steven Pile, a California musician who is raising funds to build a solar-powered music school in … read more