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Tips on Email Strategy: Turn Your Contacts into Customers

As you build your campaign, you’ve probably thought about driving backers to your campaign by posting on social media and PR. But, did you know that single most effective way to convert visitors into backers is actually plain-old email? It’s true. We’ve analyzed hundred of thousands of campaigns and have found that email outreach is … read more

7 Surefire Ways to Build Your Email List – and Your Community

Building an email list isn’t just an item to cross off on your crowdfunding checklist. List growth is more than adding names to a database. It’s part of growing the community around your product, and that should happen from pre-launch, through crowdfunding, to retail and beyond. As with most aspects of bringing a product to … read more

Forget the Viral Videos and Build Your Email List

Summer 2014. I have just become employee number 5 in a startup called FirstBuild, a company wholly owned by GE Appliances. Our mission: to create the next generation of home appliances through open innovation. The idea was to create a brand, a factory and a philosophy that would allow us to be more nimble, reducing … read more

How Crowdfunding Success Begins with an Email

Attention Entrepreneurs! Google’s Primer App and Indiegogo have teamed up to create a short lesson on why email marketing is so important for crowdfunding entrepreneurs. Overall, we find that building momentum early can help set up a campaign for long-term success. Campaigns that raise 30% to 50% or more of their goal in the first … read more

Guest Blogger, Corey Zaloom from Fanbridge: Optimize Your Fan Base!

FanBridge is a fan management platform that helps optimize email and social media to grow, engage, and monetize fan bases. Whether you’re a band, brand, filmmaker or athlete, our priority is making your fan list more valuable without making your life more complicated. This means building and offering all the tools you need in one … read more