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How two entrepreneurs are fighting mosquito-born illness, one bat at a time

When the travel bug hit, Christopher Rannefors and Harrison Broadhurst, co-founders of BatBnB, found their plans thwarted by a different kind of itch — mosquito bites. Both planning to start families in the near future, Rannefors and Broadhurst found their itineraries limited by the growing Zika scare. “… Along with most of our friends who … read more

7 Ways to Boost Your Smart Home’s IQ

What’s the smartest room in your home? What if your rooms staged a competition to earn the title of “the smart one,” like genius kids on a sibling rivalry bender? In the future, we’ll probably take a standard set of smart home features for granted. In the meantime, we’re happy to experiment, rewarding the truly … read more

Artists and this Beer Company are Working Together to Restore a Landmark

Building a successful business really is a mystery to me. I can barely build a successful breakfast. Thankfully, if any of us go on to start something big, our co-founders have learned a lot of lessons for us. Check out this interview with our co-founder Danae Ringelmann for CEO Secrets to become a genius. Enterprise The … read more

5 Gadgets That Will Give You the Smart Home of Your Dreams

The home of tomorrow is a connected one, where your bed sends data to your phone and your wearable syncs with your meal planner. From dawn to dusk, your life will become easier as your home becomes smarter, thanks to these gadgets:   Instead of waking up to a loud old alarm clock, ease yourself awake … read more

Some Outside-the-Box Uses for IndieGoGo

One of the great things about IndieGoGo — at least we think so — is that we try to be totally inclusive. There's no approval process, we don't try to tell you there's a projects you can't raise money for. If you can dream it, you can do it. If you think people will donate … read more