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Perk Up! 7 Key Stats on Perks on Indiegogo since 2008 [Infographic]

Perks were created as a way to encourage people all over the world to support a campaign. Whether they are tangible products (like a drone or DVD), personal (such as a thank-you Tweet or a handwritten note) or an experience (like visiting a band’s recording studio or meeting the film cast on set), perks are … read more

Roccbox Portable Stone Bake Pizza Oven: The First 72 Hours

Who doesn’t love pizza? Pizza is a food that transcends cultures and generations, and can be enjoyed in so many different forms. Roccbox wants to make it easier for everyone to enjoy authentic, restaurant-quality, stone baked pizza anytime with their portable stone bake pizza oven. Until now, wood fired ovens have only been accessible to … read more

Sondors THIN Electric Bike: The First 72 Hours

In the past few years, electric vehicles have become more and more accessible, which is an amazing step toward reducing our carbon footprints on our beautiful earth. One key player in the electric bike world is Sondors, who raised over $6 million to fund the production of its all-terrain eBike. Now, the team is back … read more

Indiegogo’s 2015 Year In Review [Infographic]: Crowdfunding Statistics

2015 was an incredible year for Indiegogo. More than 2.5 million people from 226 countries and territories contributed to 175,479 campaigns, ranging from innovative technology, to creative film and entertainment, to social impact. A father-son duo revolutionized beekeeping and made honey-on-tap accessible to anyone. Fans united and set a record for most funds raised in … read more

Film Crowdfunding Stats: 8 Insights from 22,000 Campaigns

Indiegogo is an open platform, where all ideas get an equal shot at success. In an industry as competitive and lucrative as the film industry, it’s tough to get noticed as an indie filmmaker unless you have the funds and community to support your idea. More and more independent filmmakers are turning to crowdfunding as … read more