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Announcing YouCaring as our exclusive charitable crowdfunding partner

Over the past decade, we’ve supported thousands of entrepreneurs in bringing their ideas to life. We’ve created new ways to generate investment with Equity Crowdfunding, a platform to find customers beyond crowdfunding with Indiegogo Marketplace, and even launched our first-ever ICO sale to bring cryptocurrency to the masses. Now, we’re taking one more step to … read more

In the World This Week: Crowdfunding Video Games & Honoring Communities

We already know how good we have it with Michele Husak as our new Head of Communications, but her husband has a pretty sweet deal too. He gets an awesome wife AND a social media guru? Lucky. We’re also pretty lucky to have Slava Rubin as our CEO – the proverbial godfather of crowdfunding and voice of … read more

In the World This Week: Crowdfunding Refugee Aid & Weight-Powered Lamps

The refugee crisis is in newspaper headlines all over the world – people are fleeing their war-torn homes, and governments have been slow to react. Tired of feeling powerless as the death toll rises and migrants are corralled in soccer stadiums, the crowd is acting. There are over 1,500 campaigns on Indiegogo to help refugees in … read more

Indiegogo Life in the Spotlight: AlliedCrowds’ July 2015 Report

Since its inception in December 2014, Indiegogo Life has already raised millions of dollars for campaigns all over the world. The fee-free service makes crowdfunding for any type of personal cause accessible to anyone who wants or needs it. AlliedCrowds, a company devoted to growing crowdfunding in the developing world, recently featured Indiegogo Life in … read more

Introducing Indiegogo Life

Read in: Español | Français  | Deutsch We at Indiegogo have always taken pride in enabling people to fund what matters to them and to seek support from like-minded communities—to bring ideas to life. Now we’re so proud to announce Indiegogo Life, our dedicated personal fundraising service designed to help through all of life’s challenges and … read more