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IndieGoGo Team: Campaign Round Up!

Caitlin/Director of OperationsFILM – Opening Our EyesInspiring on so many levels: a mother / daughter documentary team trek through foreign countries meeting with positive change makers all over the globe. What a great way to inspire others to "GoGo" for good! Erica/Marketing DirectorCOMMUNITY – Dunham ScholarThis campaign is a perfect example of how a little … read more

Global Spotlight: Campaigns from Asia

The continent of Asia consists of approximately 3.879 billion people hosting 60% of the worlds’ human population.  Considered the largest continent of the world’s seven some have referred to it as a ‘supercontinent’.  Holding the second largest GDP of all continents after Europe it’s most notable emerging economies include China, Japan, South Korea, India and … read more

Campaign Profiles: Helping Kids Globally

These two projects are different in subject, but they're both doing important work to change the lives of children around the globe by highlighting their struggles and working to make a difference. The Young Lions Global Art Project is run by Art Relief International, and aims to aid Burmese migrant refugee children in Thailand by … read more