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Five Funniest Pitch Videos of 2014

1. Sensibo – Sensibo may cut down on energy usage, but it certainly doesn’t skimp on humor! The slick star in this film, who is himself cooler than an air conditioner, manages to turn an outdated product into a new device that is transforming how we control our homes. 2. Bluesmart – We all know … read more

Five Causes You Rallied Around in 2014

1. When Corporal Nathan Cirillo and Warran Officer Patrice Vincent were tragically killed in Canada in late 2014, two concerned citizens came together to launch an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for their families. In one week, 3,455 people from all around the world came together to raise nearly $400,000. 2. The day that Grant … read more

Five Campaigns that Thought Outside the Box in 2014


Five Films That Made A Difference in 2014

1. Batkid Begins – After young Miles Scott ‘shutdown’ San Francisco and stole our hearts in November 2013 as ‘Batkid, Director Dana Nachman and Producer Liza Meak came to Indiegogo to help document his heartwarming transformation and battle against cancer in a new film. The project raised more than $100,000 and will continue to honor … read more

Five Record Breakers of 2014

1. An Hour of Code for Every Student – 90% of schools still do not teach computer science, but with the help of some big names including Mark Zuckerberg, John Doerr and Reid Hoffman, Hadi Partovi and Code.org raised $5 million on Indiegogo to change that. In December, An Hour of Code for Every Student … read more