Archives for April 2011

Campaign Profiles: The Real Social Network

If you're using IndieGoGo to raise funds, you're familiar with the way social media revolutionize a simple concept, like fundraising. This film, The Real Social Network, is about how social media is revolutionizing something else: protesting. Three filmmakers, Isis, Srdan and Ludo, set out to make a documentary about how social media is revolutionizing the … read more

Campaign Profiles: Helping Kids Globally

These two projects are different in subject, but they're both doing important work to change the lives of children around the globe by highlighting their struggles and working to make a difference. The Young Lions Global Art Project is run by Art Relief International, and aims to aid Burmese migrant refugee children in Thailand by … read more

President Obama’s Startup America selects IndieGoGo as crowdfunding partner along side AMEX, Facebook, Google, HP, LinkedIn and Cisco.

Hey GoGoers! We're super jazzed about joining forces with the White House to power funding for entrepreneurs across America through President Obama's Startup America Initiative.   Why was IndieGoGo selected?  Because of all of you – our customers and your incredible success with crowdfunding your ideas into reality using IndieGoGo.  Nice work!  To learn more, … read more


How to Frame Your Perks

One of the things that sets crowdfunding apart from fundraising is that, with crowdfunding, your contributors actually get something back from your campaign in the form of unique perks. Great perks motivate contributions. But even if you're not giving away an iPad you can still make your perks compelling and attractive to your potential contributors. … read more

IndieGoGo Celebrates Success in Austin

Every year the world's most tenacious, brainy, and innovative musicians, filmmakers, and techie's take to Austin to share the inside scoop on what's new on the scene. It's an amazing gathering of talent – and we are so proud that many of these movers and shakers are from IndieGoGo! We got to meet and celebrate … read more