Archives for August 2015

It’s Go Time! Introducing Our New Podcast

We’re beyond excited to announce Go Time: the official Indiegogo podcast. Hosted by Bret Harris, Director of Business Development, and Dave Mandelbrot, Chief Operating Officer, Go Time is a biweekly podcast that provides an intimate, behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives and inspirations of those crowdfunding on Indiegogo.  Through one-on-one interviews (and occasional comedic interludes), we uncover … read more

Indiegogo and Hasbro are Searching for the Next Great Game

We’re excited to announce our latest collaboration with Hasbro, a leader in gaming and one of the world’s largest gaming companies and behind many of your favorite games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, The Game of Life and Battleship. But beyond the classics, Hasbro is also focused on discovering and developing new games and believes that fresh, innovative … read more

In the World This Week: Drone-on-a-Leash & Ending Bonded Labor in Pakistan

While you won’t see our CEO Slava Rubin bending into a pretzel at a founder-focused yoga retreat anytime soon, he shared some of the ways he takes a spiritual breather with the New York Observer. Unlike many of us, he is able to actually enjoy silence, without being terrified of his inbox when he resurfaces. He … read more

5 Most Creative Burning Man Campaigns of 2015

Burning Man is just around the corner, and everyone is getting ready for the festivities. Whether you’re a lifelong burner or a playa virgin, the anticipation and excitement are intensifying as the weeklong art festival draws near. Even if you’re not attending this year, hearing about the event is almost unavoidable as friends, family members … read more

By the Numbers: The World Unites to End Modern-Day Slavery

Syeda Ghulam Fatima risks her life daily to free laborers in Pakistan from what is essentially modern-day slavery. In rural areas where work is scarce, Pakistani men and women are forced to take loans from brick kiln owners, which they pay off with manual labor. When the labor period has ended, the workers find that … read more