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Land Your Product in Stores with Tips from Brookstone’s Chief Innovation Officer

Ever wanted to land your product in a retail store? Brookstone Chief Innovation Officer, Lauren van Heerden, sees a lot of product pitches, and it’s her team’s job to identify the ones that can become “Retail Ready” for Brookstone customers. At a recent panel discussion hosted by Indiegogo, van Heerden shared tips with campaigners looking … read more

Tracking Your Stress, Running from Zombies and More Hot Stories

Happy Pride month! Our mixer at Indiegogo HQ in San Francisco last week was amazing thanks to the hardworking team that put it together, and all of the other Indiegogo employees that attended. The Post-It rainbow that we created even got picked up by the press. Co-founder Danae Ringelmann’s shared in an interview with CNBC how to “turn … read more

Robot Puppies, Misophonia and More Hot Stories

Happy Father’s Day to all! If you forgot to get a gift, there is always time on Indiegogo. Check out our collections to find the perfect gift for dad. Tech News If you just really want to disconnect from it all, but you don’t really want to disconnect from it all, Runcible is the anti-smartphone for you. It’s designed to look … read more

Change the Future of Healthy Aging with Pfizer & Indiegogo’s Project Get Old

Age doesn’t have to dictate our health. If we take care of ourselves, our later years can offer a level of self-determination and freedom of opportunity unmatched by any other time in our life. This is especially true today, with many entrepreneurs finding new ways of monitoring, motivating, and improving our lives as we age. … read more

Bill Murray joins Wu-Tang, Bringing Indiegogo Products to Customers and More Hot Stories

Following our Arrow announcement, we’ve got more big news for Indiegogo tech entrepreneurs. Newegg will be helping Indiegogo campaigners who have received funding with marketing, merchandising, social media, fulfillment, and other logistical support. Add that to the list of ways that Indiegogo is making sure that we help entrepreneurs throughout their product lifecycle. Tech News Our San … read more