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8 Ways to Breakup With Your Gym Membership

Looking to upgrade your fitness routine? Ditch the gym and start breaking a sweat at home, in the office or on the go with these eight state-of-the-art fitness finds: Power your workouts with game play technology using Stealth — the first video game integrated core trainer. In less than three minutes a day, you can … read more

Perfecting Posture Through Prototypes: A Million Dollar Idea

“The great power of crowdfunding is that you have a new idea and you get to bring it to market and people vote with their wallets…Crowdfunding is absolutely essential for both the inventory as well as to do research and development on future products.” – Katherine Krug, Betterback. Katherine Krug, inventor of BetterBack, is the … read more

5 Products That Will Keep You Fit and Healthy

In today’s digital age, there are many innovative products designed to keep us active, healthy and fit. From fitness trackers that monitor our activity to sleep devices that ensure we get enough rest to wearables that fix our posture, these products are meant to improve our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. It’s never too late … read more

Photo Contest: Enter for a Chance to Win an Indiegogo Fitness Technology Package!

The Indiegogo community has come up with so many amazing ideas, and it’s been incredible to watch these ideas come to life. One of our favorite things is receiving an Indiegogo-funded perk in the mail, so we wanted to spread the love and showcase some of our awesome campaigners in a social media photo contest! … read more