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5 Basic Elements for a Great Pitch Page

Top image from the pitch page for A Computer School in Pankisi Valley. We talk a lot here about how to get your campaign noticed by sharing it with others, getting word out to the media, holding events, and more. But let's take a step back for a minute and analyze one of the most … read more

Who’s the Hardest Working Person on Your Campaign?

Any IndieGoGo campaign owner is probably familiar with this graphic, which tells you who among your team is bringing in the most traffic through referrals (meaning, by using the 'Share' tools on your campaign homepage to spread the word about your campaign), and ultimately, raising the most money online. We've blocked out the full names … read more

Attracting Anonymous Donors to Your Crowdfunding Campaign

The Bully Project was successful in attracting anonymous donors who feel passionately about stopping bullying. We talk a lot about tapping your network to seek donations to your project. But how about looking outside your circle to find backers for your IndieGoGo campaign? Do you ever find yourself thinking, "I know [a certain type of … read more

5 Ways to Redirect Funding Shortfall

Here at IndieGoGo, we want all of you to reach — even exceed — your campaign funding goals so that you can reach your real goals: finishing the projects you set out to do. But we know that, from time to time, projects don't reach their funding goals. If this happens to you we want … read more

Run a Smart Social Media Campaign: Lessons from CERISE

A while ago we talked about ways in which project owners can use social media to spread the word about their IndieGoGo campaign. Today we thought we'd take a look at a specific project that did a bang-up job of using social media: Cerise. The filmmakers on Cerise were able to raise $6,300 — that's … read more