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Robot Parents, Robot Notebooks, and More Robotic News

I used to have a ~super secret~ diary that required a code word to get in. It was also the size and weight of a brick. If you still live at home or have very nosy roommates about whom you write a lot of mean things, you need a Lockbook, the “mom-proof” notebook. You also need to not … read more

11 GIFs That Prove Robots are Taking Over

While we haven’t reached a full blown robot-controlled society yet, we might be getting there soon. Not only is there a robot for every boring chore that you don’t feel like doing, but now their skills have grown and have become amazingly diverse. Robots these days can do everything from opening doors to tracking medication. … read more

5 Gadgets That Will Give You the Smart Home of Your Dreams

The home of tomorrow is a connected one, where your bed sends data to your phone and your wearable syncs with your meal planner. From dawn to dusk, your life will become easier as your home becomes smarter, thanks to these gadgets:   Instead of waking up to a loud old alarm clock, ease yourself awake … read more

6 GIFs that perfectly sum up being a kid in 2016

Kids these days. They have all the coolest games and technology, they don’t even know the pain of dial-up internet or letting your tamagotchi starve to death. Gone are the days of playing with pogs and slinkies, these kids are competing with robots, drones and virtual reality. You might be a grown adult, but that … read more

How to Not Lose Your Kid, Building Molecules and More Newsworthy Stories

Happy 4th of July! It’s kind of ironic that we are celebrating our independence as our former British rulers are exploring independence of their own… Tech Once your kid can walk, keeping track of them is a whole new ballgame. Gone are the days where you can just physically hold them in one place, or … read more