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This Entrepreneur’s Idea for Homeless Hygiene Goes Global

“If you’re homeless, living on the streets and filthy, you’re trying to improve your circumstances, but you can’t interview for a job, you can’t apply for housing and you become disconnected from your humanity. So a shower, just in itself, can be amazing for people.” ~Doniece Sandoval, founder, Lava Mae Doniece started with a simple … read more

DIY: Cold Brew, Coloring, Holograms and more

As Indiegogo has evolved, we’ve always stayed close to our mission: to “eliminate the gatekeeper and give everybody [an] opportunity” to make their ideas a reality. We’ve done this over and over again, and the coolest part is that every day we are eliminating barriers and making access to entrepreneurship easier. It’s pretty good to work … read more

5 Ways Harry Potter Fans are Keeping the Magic Alive

The time that we thought would never come, has finally arrived. J.K. Rowling has allowed the release of an additional story that will fit into the Potter universe. Some are calling it the 8th book, but it’s actually a play, ‘co-written’ by Jack Thorne and Rowling titled Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Just like … read more

Home Brewing Made Easy, Backpacks for Refugees and More Hot Stories

We’ve been developing more and more partnerships to help our entrepreneurs as they bring their ideas to market. We talk about it a lot at Indiegogo HQ, but if you want to see the kind of questions the world is asking, check out this interview featuring Indiegogo co-founder Slava Rubin and Chris Tsai from Celery on the … read more

Humans of New York & Dr. O’Reilly Fight Pediatric Cancer & More Hot Stories This Week

This week we announced our partnership with Celery, which is just the latest thing we have done to keep supporting our entrepreneurs with all the tools needed to raise funds, take pre-orders and successfully fulfill. Every day we are finding new and better ways to help people bring their ideas not just to life, but to market. … read more