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Get Them Here First: 23 Flash Sale Deals For This Weekend Only

Flash Sale Alert! We’ve got 23 products that are offering amazing deals for this weekend only. Whether you want to upgrade your phone, install home security or finally invest in an electric scooter – now’s the time! These products are guaranteed to ship within the stated time or your money back! Now’s your chance to … read more

How To Find Projects You Love

How do you like to discover projects? Whether you hear about the latest tech product on TechCrunch or see a Facebook ad for a cool indie film or simply browse the Indiegogo website for the latest campaigns, there are many different ways to find ideas that matter to you. One of our favorite ways to … read more

Entrepreneurs take over: uncovering plane food, saving art from gentrification, and more

We launched the official details of our partnership with Arrow this week, and it is truly a sweet deal for entrepreneurs. Arrow is going to help certain campaigners with all aspects of their projects, from creating working prototypes to getting them mass-produced. Literally an entrepreneur’s dream come true. Tech Do you panic when you’re mid … read more

Ride Your Suitcase Through the Airport, Sail to the Olympics and other ways to get around

As the U.S. leaves the craziness of the political conventions behind, the world prepares for the Olympic mayhem in Rio. From air travel to air purification, here’s how entrepreneurs are solving problems and taking names: Tech It’s really a wonder that Modobag hasn’t been invented yet, as photos have illustrated children sitting on top of … read more

In the World This Week: Recording Accessories for Your Phone & The Best Tech for Travel

It was a big week at Indiegogo and we were very excited to welcome David Mandelbrot into the proverbial CEO chair and Slava Rubin into the proverbial Chief Business Officer chair. Except we all know that there really is no chair since our execs are so *chill* that they don’t even need desks. Tech Crowdfunding … read more