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Hasbro’s Innovation Fix, the Smart Hub War and Other Newsworthy Stories

Enterprise crowdfunding is resonating with people more than ever. Take, for example, Hasbro, who made $5B for the first time in December because of their commitment to innovation. Their head of Design and Development said that they “work hard to ensure that our organization fosters innovation, no matter where it comes [from]“. Enter Indiegogo’s Next Great … read more

The First Indie Video Game From Cuba and Other Newsworthy Campaigns

Tech If you’re looking to upgrade your Razr scooter because moving your legs is just not fun anymore, the Immotor Go is perfect for you. Not only can you control it completely from your phone, it has a “Super Battery,” which is really two batteries that communicate to optimize power. Ultimately they want to include … read more

6 GIFs that perfectly sum up being a kid in 2016

Kids these days. They have all the coolest games and technology, they don’t even know the pain of dial-up internet or letting your tamagotchi starve to death. Gone are the days of playing with pogs and slinkies, these kids are competing with robots, drones and virtual reality. You might be a grown adult, but that … read more

In the World This Week: Sledding 2.0 & Vintage Video Games

Last week, Indiegogo earned a place on Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies” list.  Generosity was included in the Social Good category because unlike many similar websites, it’s platform fee-free. We were actually the only major crowdfunding platform featured at all, which we’re very proud of since the platform is just a year old. Tech Crowdfunding … read more

In the World This Week: Dapper Clothes for Short Guys & Beer for Good

It’s been a while! We are truly hurtling towards the holidays at a terrifying speed, right past Cyber Monday and #GivingTuesday. Even Indiegogo has embraced the annual day of discounts, and our campaigners made some very generous discounts on products that are shipping now. And on #GivingTuesday, we saw the global community come together right on Generosity, donating … read more