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Giving Season: Some Causes to Get Behind

Fifty students are traveling to New Orleans to help rebuild after Katrina. One thing I love about IndieGoGo: it's a great place to browse for campaigns that support causes I care about. And sometimes causes I wasn't aware of to begin with, but learn about and then, of course, can't help but want to support. … read more


How To Use Updates on IndieGoGo

Sharing your campaign is key to getting your funding campaign started.  Updating your funders and followers with progress is key to keeping your campaign growing. One handy feature your IndieGoGo campaign comes equipped with are Updates.  Let's discuss: Advantages of Updates How Updates Work When to Use Updates _____________________________________________________________________________ 1. Advantages of Using Updates Builds trust. The … read more


6Qs with Emily Hagins of “My Sucky Teen Romance”

  We want the financial backers to know that we're not just teenagers making a movie, but filmmakers making a movie. –Emily Hagins   Teenage writer and director Emily Hagins already has 2 feature films and several shorts under her belt. Emily is also an IndieGoGo-Getter, having raised over $9,000 on her first campaign, and … read more


IndieGoGo Insight: Campaigns that send 11 or more updates, raise 137% more money.

This Insight has Been Updated: Click Here to See Updated Post On average, the campaigns on IndieGoGo that send 11 or more updates to their contributors, raise 137% more money then projects that don't. This results in over $1000 more money towards their funding goal.   Most funding campaigns are centered around an ongoing project … read more

Pop Culture Documentaries

One thing I love about documentaries: they have the ability to transport you to a time and place you would otherwise never hear about. And some of my favorite documentaries dive deep into the history behind niche pop culture movements. Take for example 100 Yen (pictured above), which profiles the arcade scene in Japan. Five-story … read more