Archives for March 2011

Campaign Profiles: Adopted ID

This campaign is in its last several hours of funding today (and has reached and surpassed its $6,000 goal!). But we think this story is pretty fascinating and wanted to share it. Judith Craig was found in a ditch in Haiti just after her birth. She was adopted as an infant by a white missionary … read more

Crowdfunding for Filmmakers: Strategies, Tactics, Pitfalls

Last month IndieGoGo co-founder Danae Ringelmann appeared on filmmaker and author Chris Jones' podcast to talk about crowdfunding strategies filmmakers. (And it applies to everyone else, too!) We think it's a great interview that hits on questions so many of your have about crowdfunding and how to best use IndieGoGo. Listen to the podcast to … read more

walk in A Small Business With A Big Message

Walk in love. clothing is a spirituality-based clothing design company that creates shirts and other apparel with a simple yet powerful reminder to “imitate God by loving others every chance we get – no strings attached.” They have been in business over five years, and they turned to IndieGoGo to raise funds to build out … read more


Campaign Profiles: Crowdfunding Pay it Forward

We have to admit, we really like this idea.  Canadian filmmakers Michael Babiarz and Soren Johnstone spent the last several years making, editing, and marketing their last film, Play With Fire. At that time, they explain in their current pitch video, there was no such thing as crowdfunding. Now they're working on their next film, … read more

Picking the Right Team Members

We've talked before about the importance of assembling a team around your campaign. And we've seen that, on average, campaigns with more team members raise more money. But what's the best way to assemble the most effective IndieGoGo campaign team? If you've got a network of volunteers, employees, staff, contributors, artists, etc. from which to … read more