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Campaign Profiles: Gadgets, Games, and Great Inventions

Three years ago, a great idea for a new tech product would have to be shopped around to various VCs for capital. The process of finding funding can be a true test of your commitment to your idea. Today, however, you can go right to your community and bring your vision to fruition. Check out … read more


On Tap: Five Lessons on Crowdfunding for a Non-Profit Organization

Contributed by Karen Seiger, Sirene MediaWorks The American Tap Dance Federation (ATDF) is a non-profit organization “committed to establishing and legitimizing Tap Dance as a vital component of American Dance through creation, presentation, education and preservation.”  Based in New York City, ATDF has a vivid history of teaching and performing this quintessentially American art form … read more

How to Use Email to Raise the Most Money

This newsletter was recently delivered to our inbox and we thought we'd share it with you as an awesome example of how to engage your audience.  We encourage you to use Updates to communicate to your funders and followers (this raises your GoGoFactor!), and, you can compliment this with a snazzy direct email campaign like this one.  … read more


How to Keep People Involved AFTER Your Campaign

It's important to keep your contributors and fans involved in your campaign even after your funding period has ended. Here's why: – Staying in touch makes it easier to reach out when you start another crowdfunding campaign. – Maintaining relationships shows an appreciation that goes beyond a thank you or a perk, and keeps your … read more

Celebrating Success at Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival features an enormous display of talent every year. And once again, this year opened doors for many talented filmmakers, and we are thrilled IndieGoGo got to be a part of the action. Still being funded on IndieGoGo, a huge congratulations to Give Up Tomorrow for being The Audience Award Winner!  After … read more