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Your Unique Selling Point in Raising Funds Is You

via TheBigTouffe Take the highest imaginable number then multiply it by infinity, this is likely to be what the indescribable amount of idea generation that goes on any given minute.  So what can set your fundable campaign apart from the rest?  We provide the platform but you still need to present a concise pitch to … read more

David Bianchi Talks to Film Courage About His IndieGoGo Campaign Dysfunktion

They say that Hollywood is full of broken dreams.  Some days that’s true but other days there comes a story about an actor who took matters into his own hands and starts producing films.  David Bianchi, talks to Film Courage about his realization that shifting gears out of necessity sometimes provides you with the career … read more

‘5 Days on IndieGoGo: What We’ve Learned’ by

Image from Blue Vinyl Fonts We’ve been tracking the continued success of – an initiative wanting to raise funds for 1,000 Fellowships to further develop a range of professions from teachers, nurses, researchers, students, artists, social entrepreneurs, scientists, lawyers, journalists, activists, engineers, architects…you name it! Five days into their campaign they wrote up a … read more

5 Ways IndieGoGo Can Boost Your Event’s Success

You may think of raising funds online and raising funds at live events (benefits, silent auctions, walks, bake sales) as two separate ballgames. But if you're currently in the planning stages of a live event designed to raise money for a cause, project, or organization, check out the ways in which IndieGoGo can help boost … read more

Slava Rubin’s Six Action Steps Featured on Huffington Post

On the same day our ‘Get Funded’ panel took place at Space on White in Tribeca, New York, an article by our CEO and Founder, Slava Rubin, went live on the Huffington Post in the Small Business America portion of the site.  It proved a big day at Indiegogo in remembering that our product is … read more