Archives for September 2016

Fund Your Business the Smart Way with General Assembly and Indiegogo

There’s more than one way to startup. Let’s say you have a brilliant business idea, but you don’t know how to scale it. Finding funding can be a challenge. You might feel like successful entrepreneurs are hoarding some grand secret about how to get money, but there is no one right answer. Uber, Twitter, InterCom, … read more

How To Find Projects You Love

How do you like to discover projects? Whether you hear about the latest tech product on TechCrunch or see a Facebook ad for a cool indie film or simply browse the Indiegogo website for the latest campaigns, there are many different ways to find ideas that matter to you. One of our favorite ways to … read more

Don’t Ask, Earn: Building a Valuable Twitter Following For Your Film Campaign

We’ve all seen the hashtags: #followback. #F4F. and my favorite –– #TeamFollowBack. Back when I started using Twitter as my primary social network, I probably would’ve been an advocate of this. I mean, why not? It’s an easy way to get followers. But as we grow, we come to realize that a following of 10,000 … read more

Pitching Your Passion: How to Make An Amazing Crowdfunding Video

As you put your crowdfunding campaign together, you’ve probably been wondering about what you need to make a great video. All well-made campaign videos — from the small projects to the great big whales — have one thing in common: they all tell a powerful story. And we want to help you tell a story … read more

Wondering How to Raise More On Giving Tuesday? Learn From These Nonprofits

Fundraising isn’t like it used to be. The next generation of donors operate very differently from their predecessors. Nearly 84 percent of millennials donate online where information, services, and even social impact are available on-demand. If you’re looking to join the trend of nonprofits finding alternative ways to fundraise on Giving Tuesday, you are not … read more