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5 Indiegogo Art Campaigns: A Shipping Container Turned Library & Brighton Beach Memoirs

  “L’art pour l’art” or “Art for art’s sake” is an expression credited from a 1800’s French slogan, conveying the idea that art should be created for a moral or higher purpose.  Criticism  abounds to this day about the role of art for art, versus for the market.  What does remain clear is that it … read more

PERK POWER: A Bookmark That Really Marks the Spot & Digital Travel Logs

Whether you’re looking for perk ideas for your campaign or wanting to shop for a a unique gift, we’ve pulled together our weekly pick of some cool perks on IndieGoGo: $10 Help Clay and Marc Recover Their Gear Location: California, USA Armed to use his photography as a supporting force for charity causes where he … read more

Campaign Profiles: Bookstores, Librarians and the Printed Matter

Bookstores continue to close across America driving an increase in online petitions to save local bookstores such as St. Marks Bookstore in New York.  The latest federal statistics shows there are only approximately 10,600 bookstores left in the country with more than 1,000 closing from 2000 to 2007. Large-scale e-commerce retailers such as Amazon, Borders … read more

Good Perks: How to Draw Contributors

In order to raise contributions, providing incentives such as perks gives your audience the motivation to feel there is an exchange taking place, not just a transaction.  We’ve highlighted in the past how framing your perks provides context to how contributors choose which increments they want to commit to.  Whilst price can lead the way … read more

IndieGoGo Team: Meet Erin Spahn!

 ERIN SPAHN Business Development Erin is a recovered lawyer who still can’t give up the IP and contracts!  She’s traveled to 43 countries and considers herself a bit of an Africa aficionado. She loves surfing, salt and grease (popcorn and fries!), used to work in country music but really adores hip hop.  Her Golden Retriever, … read more