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How These YouTubers Connect Millions To Make The World Better

Every year, Project for Awesome joins Indiegogo to raise funds to ‘make the world a better place’. While it seems like a daunting feat, year after year they galvanize millions of people around the world and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for dozens of charities. Participants can not only donate to charities but get … read more

Hasbro’s Innovation Fix, the Smart Hub War and Other Newsworthy Stories

Enterprise crowdfunding is resonating with people more than ever. Take, for example, Hasbro, who made $5B for the first time in December because of their commitment to innovation. Their head of Design and Development said that they “work hard to ensure that our organization fosters innovation, no matter where it comes [from]“. Enter Indiegogo’s Next Great … read more

Global Crowdfunding Platform Indiegogo Unveils Redesign & Exclusive Gogofactor for Campaigns

Proprietary Algorithm Provides Ranking of Campaigns by Popularity & Viability  To Improve User Experience Through Exclusive Crowdfunding Technology San Francisco, March 15, 2012 – Indiegogo, the world’s leading global crowdfunding platform, has perfected its proprietary “gogofactor” used to rank crowdfunding campaigns.  Following extensive testing to ensure accuracy and benefits for users, Indiegogo is the only … read more

5 IndieGoGo Film Campaigns: The Dark Side of Peter Pan & Duplicating Matter for Love

The moving picture has been given us the chance to capture stories for both entertainment and didactic value.  Here we highlight 5 film campaigns currently running on IndieGoGo with stories to share: Home Sick – A Short Film Location: British Columbia, Canada Story: The debut film from artistic collective 'Least Van' is filmmaker Cody Bown's … read more

IndieGoGo Team: Campaign Round Up!

Danae/Founder & COOTECHNOLOGY - Rock ESCBecause all quadrobots need a rocking speed controller.  Love seeing amazing technology coming out of Poland too!  Erin/Business DevelopmentCOMMUNITY – Warrior CampFund a thoughtful, holistic pilot camp to help Veterans manage the effects of war once they come home.   Jeff/Senior Rails DeveloperFILM – SkinReligion, questioning belief's, passion, the human art … read more