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Pet Projects: Animal Aid Through Crowdfunding

One of the street dogs Founding Hand hopes to help. A little personal story here. Three years ago my husband and I spotted a giant mastiff wandering lost and hungry in our alley. Being dog lovers, we checked to see if the animal had tags, a collar, or any indication that she was owned by … read more

Attracting Anonymous Donors to Your Crowdfunding Campaign

The Bully Project was successful in attracting anonymous donors who feel passionately about stopping bullying. We talk a lot about tapping your network to seek donations to your project. But how about looking outside your circle to find backers for your IndieGoGo campaign? Do you ever find yourself thinking, "I know [a certain type of … read more

IndieGoGo Insight: More Team Members Means More Money

The projects on IndieGoGo that have four or more team members as administrators raise 72% more money than projects with only one team member.  This translates to $650 more, on average, per project and a 5 – 10% greater likelihood of meeting the funding goal. So, if you're currently working on a project with several … read more

Alternative Ways to Fund Travel: Crowdfunding on IndieGoGo

Crowdfunding is one of the best alternative ways to fund travel. But you may wonder: why would someone want to pay me go on vacation? The answer: you promise to give something back. Not just in the form of perks via IndieGoGo (which are, of course, awesome as well), but by doing something even larger. … read more

5 Ways to Redirect Funding Shortfall

Here at IndieGoGo, we want all of you to reach — even exceed — your campaign funding goals so that you can reach your real goals: finishing the projects you set out to do. But we know that, from time to time, projects don't reach their funding goals. If this happens to you we want … read more