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Cyber Monday 2015 Deals You Won’t Want To Miss

Another year, another whirlwind weekend of spending time with loved ones, giving thanks for what we have, eating a little too much and enduring the chaos that is Black Friday. If you didn’t get a chance to take advantage of sales over the weekend, don’t worry – we’ve got 11 of the best Cyber Monday … read more

How to Optimize Your Crowdfunding Campaign for Success

This guest blog post was written by Sandy Diao, a “full-stack marketer” helping to grow The ONE Smart Piano, the first piano that anyone can play. In this post, I will be sharing optimization tips for the time that it’s easiest to freak out: campaign optimization. If you didn’t have time to complete an exhaustive … read more

In the World This Week: Bringing Campaigns to Retail and Socks for the Homeless

This week is all about campaigns making it big after Indiegogo. We’re kicking off a major partnership with Brookstone to bring some of our most popular perks alongside massage chairs, electric razors with toothbrush attachments, and personal hoverboards. Last week we also had a Hardware Happy Hour and pitch competition with Target, which showcased campaigners who are now … read more

The Core Wireless Speaker Q&A: Indiegogo Success Story

The Core wireless speaker by Mass Fidelity was designed to be the core of your musical universe. Created by a team united by their passion for music and new technology, the Core is a small, portable speaker system that sounds like two widely separated full size HiFi speakers with unbelievable sound quality. Their original goal of $48,000 … read more

Giving Thanks and Giving Back with Indiegogo

Thanksgiving is a national holiday filled with tradition, joy, food and gratitude. Every year, family members and loved ones gather to celebrate and give thanks for what they have, oftentimes giving back to the community by volunteering and helping the needy and less fortunate. Thanks to the power of the Internet today, anyone, anywhere can … read more