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A Year in Review: 2010 on IndieGoGo

Another year is in the books and its been quite the exciting one here on IndieGoGo. We have had over 10,000 campaigns start in 2010, spanning hundreds of countries and all types of creative, cause related, and entreprenuerial pursuits. Here are some of our favorite themes from 2010: Community Whether its re-building a Community Center … read more

6Qs with The Makepeace Brothers

  "…the perfect way to include our fans in what we are up to, make enough money to finish our record, and do it in a really positive way." –Conor Gaffney on utilizing IndieGoGo From Germany to Argentina, the loyal fans of "roots-based rock" band The Makepeace Brothers made sure that the band's newest album … read more

The Importance of a Pitch Clip in Your Campaign

"A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million." One of the most important elements of every IndieGoGo campaign is the Pitch Clip. It reveals the story behind the story and provides a peek into who is making the project and why. We wrote about the importance of a pitch … read more


Cool Designs: Phone Flask

Ever wonder how the stroke-of-genius products you see in the Sky Mall catalog actually get thought up and made? They start with a smart design(er), an illustration, and then, if there's enough financial backing, a prototype that gets shopped out to product manufacturers who then supply them to stores. We recently saw a really cool … read more


How To Fulfill Your Perks

So you're done with your campaign, and now it's time to fulfill your perks. Want to know where to get your contributor details? It's all on your Dashboard. How to Navigate to your Fulfillment tab on your Dashboard: When it's time to fulfill your perk, you can access your funders' information on the Fulfillment tab … read more