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5 Theatre Indiegogo Campaigns: The Bad Date Project & Breaking the Third Wall

  Shakespeare is still the most renowned figure in theatre, but independent theatre these days gladly covers a wider spectrum of content, from bad dating to hairdressers! He told us something about life being a stage and there being lots of actors which can get very overwhelming.  So when you need some time off from … read more

PERK POWER: Sunglasses for College Kids & How to Make a Zine

$10 Gayanthri Makes Her Album Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Born in India, now living in Dubai, Gayanthri has two EPs under her belt, completed a self-funded tour around Europe and a music video, receiving deep support from press everywhere.  She now wants to get her debut album recorded, released and promoted!  Watch her pitch … read more

Campaign Round Up – Record Store Day & Flip Flops for a Cause

Erica/Director of Marketing For Profit Location: Ohio, USA I love theatre and have always been particularly impressed by one man shows.  This show is not only something that interests me socially – but it also premiered in my home town! Jeff/Senior Rails Developer Happy Feet Happy Life Location: Washington, USA I have not done a … read more

5 Indiegogo Art Campaigns: A Shipping Container Turned Library & Brighton Beach Memoirs

  “L’art pour l’art” or “Art for art’s sake” is an expression credited from a 1800’s French slogan, conveying the idea that art should be created for a moral or higher purpose.  Criticism  abounds to this day about the role of art for art, versus for the market.  What does remain clear is that it … read more

Students at Carnegie Mellon Launch Crowdfunding Campaigns

We love hearing about all the different ways teachers are integrating Indiegogo and crowdfunding into their curriculums. (You may have even read how our CEO wants kids to launch 10 startups in 10 years.) Over at Carnegie Mellon University, the “Creative Process” course taught by Prof. Steven Dow explores tools and processes for innovating novel solutions to social concerns, such as … read more