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Team Indiegogo Campaign Roundup (6.30.14)

Each week, we here at Indiegogo HQ share a handful of the campaigns that we’re talking about around the office. Our amazing community continuously wows us with the projects they’re running – take a look and tell us which one is your favorite!   Publicolor New York, NY “Publicolor’s struggling students are succeeding against unimaginable … read more

Lyka’s Adventure: If at First You Don’t Succeed, Evaluate and Iterate

Guest Author Janine Saunders is a co-founder of Connected Sparks and led product development for the campaign team behind Lyka’s Adventure. Lyka’s Adventure began 3 years ago when we set out to create an educational experience that students would remember for the rest of their lives. We tested our first prototype in two classrooms for … read more

Team Indiegogo Campaign Roundup (6.23.14)

  With each roundup, we realize how many great Indiegogo campaigns are running at a time. This week’s selection is great, though by no means comprehensive! Check it out and let us know which campaign you’re most excited about.   Skylock San Francisco “Skylock is a solar-powered bike lock that you control from your cell … read more

President Obama Lauds Indiegogo, Maker Community

Guest Author Jerry Needel is Indiegogo’s Head of Growth. This week, he traveled to Washington to take part in the White House Maker Faire on behalf of Indiegogo’s own Maker community. We spend most of our time at Indiegogo focusing on how we can empower people to turn their ideas into reality. So it was … read more

Indiegogo launches the ‘Maker Challenge’ with Amazon and Autodesk!

  In celebration of the first-ever White House Maker Faire, we’re excited to announce Indiegogo’s own Maker Challenge! Running through July 16, 2014, the Indiegogo Maker Challenge is a great opportunity for you, our community’s makers, to share your work with the world. Makers can participate by submitting either a newly created or existing maker-oriented … read more