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10 Reasons Entrepreneurs Love Indiegogo

As crowdfunding becomes a household term, more and more people are turning to the crowd to help launch their businesses and pursue their dreams. We love watching our community take their ideas, big or small, and turn them into reality. The Indiegogo community has explored the potential of crowdfunding and helped shape our platform into … read more

Photo Contest: Enter for a Chance to Win an Indiegogo Fitness Technology Package!

The Indiegogo community has come up with so many amazing ideas, and it’s been incredible to watch these ideas come to life. One of our favorite things is receiving an Indiegogo-funded perk in the mail, so we wanted to spread the love and showcase some of our awesome campaigners in a social media photo contest! … read more

Headphones for Relaxation, Healing Trauma with Hiking & More of This Week’s Hot Stories

We love to connect people, and that’s why we created a platform where passionate people can bring to life the ideas of other passionate people. This week was pretty cool because the Triscuit Maker Fund gave away $250,000 to 50 foodmakers on Indiegogo. From Haitian-inspired peanut butter with a social mission, to smoothie makers who donate fresh produce with each purchase, these … read more

How Crowdfunding Success Begins with an Email

Attention Entrepreneurs! Google’s Primer App and Indiegogo have teamed up to create a short lesson on why email marketing is so important for crowdfunding entrepreneurs. Overall, we find that building momentum early can help set up a campaign for long-term success. Campaigns that raise 30% to 50% or more of their goal in the first … read more

Roccbox Portable Stone Bake Pizza Oven: The First 72 Hours

Who doesn’t love pizza? Pizza is a food that transcends cultures and generations, and can be enjoyed in so many different forms. Roccbox wants to make it easier for everyone to enjoy authentic, restaurant-quality, stone baked pizza anytime with their portable stone bake pizza oven. Until now, wood fired ovens have only been accessible to … read more