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11 GIFs That Prove Robots are Taking Over

While we haven’t reached a full blown robot-controlled society yet, we might be getting there soon. Not only is there a robot for every boring chore that you don’t feel like doing, but now their skills have grown and have become amazingly diverse. Robots these days can do everything from opening doors to tracking medication. … read more

General Assembly wants your vote to bring an innovation to life

At Indiegogo, we’ve seen countless brilliant ideas that aim to change the way we use technology. Today, you can help one of those ideas get off the ground, simply by voting. We’re thrilled to announce the $1,500 flash funding challenge from General Assembly. General Assembly gathered three Indiegogo projects whose missions align with their community’s … read more

Show Some Love this Valentine’s Day on Generosity

Remember how Valentine’s Day was celebrated when you were younger? As a kid, it’s not about focusing on just one person. When you passed out candy and valentines to the whole class, it made everyone feel included and loved. This Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to unleash your inner kid, and show some love to … read more

An Hour of Code’s Hadi Partovi on Changing Education and Making History

Last year Code.org co-founder and CEO Hadi Partovi told Forbes that computer science was essentially, “…the next step up from Legos.” Coding involves creative problem solving—the way most multiple-choice tests and typical school curriculums, for that matter, don’t. Partovi co-founded Code.org with his brother Ali, to help introduce coding to students and make learning computer … read more

Let’s Have a Barn Raiser: 8 Ways to Crowdfund for Education

Global wealth distribution today is highly unequal. A United Nations University report states that in 2000, 1% of the world’s adults held 40% of the world’s assets. Given this tough economic situation, access to education is paramount to providing opportunity for advancement. Yet combined with rising costs and decreasing public funds available for education, equal … read more